Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello friends!

After my 2 month absence, I have now returned to the world of blogging. Hmmmm, what have I been up to? Christmas, entertaining, starting a new job, birthing classes, painting a crib, growing a baby.....just to name a few.

I wanted to post some baby bump updates for you. A little less than 5 weeks left! I can't believe that bengl is almost here!! In some ways it seems like I have been pregnant forever (so tired of wearing maternity and having to constantly pull my pants up), and then to think we will have a little person joining our family in about a month is mind numbing. I'm still in awe of this little miracle growing inside me, and even more so of our creative God! What an amazing responsibility Brian and I will have as parents to nurture this precious gift!

20 weeks

24 weeks (pics courtesy of the lovely Abby Merkel)

27 weeks

33 weeks

35 weeks!


  1. Oh, Beth! You are SO beautiful!

    I am excited for you and Brian to cross into this new stage and see life from a whole new angle. You will find a new understanding for life in Christ after you become a parent.

  2. Goober, you need to blog MORE! How else can I stalk you? :)

    LOVE this post! Love YOU!