Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Beginnings

beginning: noun/ start of an event or action, alpha, basis, birth, blastoff, creation, dawn, dawning, day one, genesis, inauguration, inception, induction, infancy, initiation, installation, introduction, kickoff, onset, opener, opening, origin, origination, outset, point of departure, preface, prelude, presentation, rise, root, rudiment, source, spring,square one, starting point, takeoff, threshold.

It's a season of new beginnings for us! Nearly 2 months ago we said goodbye to dear friends and family in Alabama, loaded up the Penske truck, and headed to Minnesota. Among those things new: new church, new city, new condo, new friends, new job, anda new baby on the way!! With all this change, I thought it fitting to begin fresh with my blog. I am going to do my best to keep all those far away updated on our lives. We are excited for this new season and the journey the Lord is taking us on!

Here are a few photos from a local apple orchard, fall on Lake Minnetonka, and a twins game with Hannah and Josh......

Enjoy the fall weather!! More to come!

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