Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Music

Sitting at my desk today sending out resumes. All my paperwork for my Minnesota physical therapist license finally went through! With a new area code, new drivers license, new tags, and now my MN PT license I am an official resident of the great state of Minnesota. Don't worry my Southern friends, I still say y'all. So, if you hear of anyone who is looking to hire a prn physical therapist in the western Minneapolis suburbs let me know!

On another note, I just bought Brooke Fraser's new album Flags. Have you heard it? It is my favorite fall album, besides of course my sister Abby's new EP which is amazing! But since she doesn't have a video or an itunes link (yet!), thought I'd mention Brooke. She is an amazing songwriter and worship leader. Some of my favorite worship songs by her include: "You'll Come," "Lord of Lords," and "Hosanna"- all recorded with Hillsong. (Click on the song titles for song/video). This new album is her newest mainstream album. Isn't this video fun?

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