Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tis the Season

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Tis the season to start thinking about Christmas cards

Hmmmm......what doesn't belong here?! If you are anything like my husband, the very fact that I even had the nerve to sing a Christmas song/modify a Christmas song before Thanksgiving is driving you nuts. With nearly 10 inches of snow a couple of weekends ago and multiple painting projects in the works, I couldn't resist pulling up the Christmas playlist....happy husband or not.

And we all know that Christmas music gets you thinking about Christmas cards of course! I love getting Christmas cards in the mail. Maybe it's seeing how friend's children have grown through the years, a newlywed couples wedding photo, or all the new little miracles that were born. Maybe it's reading the letter and finding out about the trials and joys that have comprised the past year. Maybe it's the way I feel connected to friends and family far and near and a call to celebrate the goodness of God in all of our lives. I do know that I love to paste them all over my fridge!

In my pre-Engl days I always said "When I get married I am going to send out Christmas cards every year!" The first year was going to be one of our wedding photos. The second year, I had this idea stuck in my head of an "Alabama White Christmas" with an artsy picture of Brian and I in a cotton field. Needless to say, the first year I got busy with work and never even bothered. The second year, I waited too long and all the cotton was harvested before I got the chance. Then, I get the Christmas card from the family with 6 kids, one of which is a newborn (hello to the amazing Ann S!)..... and I feel really lazy. So this year, I want our smiling faces to finally make it to your fridge, or at least your mailbox!

Shutterfly has a great promotion this year......50 free cards for bloggers! Yay! No excuses! They have so many options from holiday cards to photo Christmas cards to calendars to holiday invites. If you're an over achiever like myself, you may get stuck in the "idea" mode which never quite makes it to the card. Shutterfly makes it easy with their pre-designed cards. All you have to do is add the photo, pay, and they are shipped right to you. Easy!

My current favorite:

I think this one is really cute too!
Oh, and did I mention they have photo books?

For easy access to the site, click here.


  1. Thanks for the info on the cards. I submitted my info for them. Hopefully I will get 50 free cards too! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You're welcome! Hopefully I get mine ordered in time!

  3. Hahaha! Thanks for the shout out! You're so funny...If you only had a local Simon to help you out.

    I love the Alabama White Christmas idea...hmmm....